MAP Digital’s Virtual Event Portraits: from the Ballroom to the Kitchen Table

Steven Bunin

Steven Bunin, Content Manager, MAP Digital, Inc. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Instagram.

How long have you worked for MAP Digital?

I joined MAP Digital at the end of 2019 as a full-time employee. I was referred to the team by my career counselor at the NYC Actors Fund Career Center who knew about my background in technology and training.

What is your role with MAP Digital?

My official title at MAP Digital is Content Manager on the Speaker Ready Team. Prior to the pandemic, my role normally included greeting Presenters at the Speaker Ready desk onsite where they would review and often update their presentation. When we went virtual, I helped design the processes for scheduling technical tests for speaker rehearsals in Zoom Virtual Conference Rooms. As the demand for our MetaMeetings platform continues to grow, I am learning to prioritize tasks while making an extra effort to personalize my interactions with clients. More recently, our client base has expanded dramatically from just the United States to Europe and Latin America. Leading the Speaker Ready team for European events calls for some really early morning, and experiencing jet lag without even leaving my own home.

What did you do prior to MAP Digital?

Before MAP Digital I worked at Apple Retail in sales and as a Creative Trainer. Prior to that I worked as a High School Theatre Teacher and a professional actor. I love to travel and was able to perform professionally throughout the United States, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan as well as on a cruise ship that traveled to Alaska, the Mexican Riviera, and the Caribbean.

What is your funniest COVID WFH story?

My workstation faces the street level of my neighborhood and I usually enjoy watching the passersby throughout the day. When a huge Corona Beer Truck made a delivery to the restaurant across the street, I could not help but wonder if it was some kind of cosmic sign.

What is the most challenging part about this ‘new normal’?

I miss the MAP Digital team and our spontaneous conversations, laughter and ideas that could be shared on the fly. I also miss attending shows on Broadway. There is nothing like being a part of a live performance.

What are you enjoying most about working from home?

I enjoy preparing my coffee when I would normally be commuting. I also enjoy being able to exercise more freely throughout the day. I have an awesome view of Midtown down the street from my home in Weehawken so taking a walk to take in the view of the city is quite nice.

How do you see the events space changing in the age of COVID?

I am seeing many new professionals connecting virtually and reaping the benefits of fluid timing when using distance technology. I think that people who would normally shy away from using technology have grown their skills as they no longer have the option to present in person. Our production team always makes the speakers look and sound their best, which definitely takes stress off of the presenters and makes virtual less of a cold medium. I also appreciate how going virtual has connected us on a different level. It amazes me when I think that on a daily basis I work and communicate with people from all over the world and that the live events that we produce become available on-demand for people to watch from all over the world at a time that works for them.

©Ellie Kurttz Photography, captured via Zoom.

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